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Model # Start Freq Stop Freq Isolation Insertion Loss VSWR Operating Temp (°C) Configuration/Style Pwr Fwd Size
WT3XA 3.7 GHz 4.2 GHz 23 .3 1.15 -30+60 WG[WR229]/SMA-F 10W
WT13C1 13.6 GHz 13.9 GHz 18 .4 1.35 -54+100 WG/SMA-F 2W AVG
WT27F1 27.75 GHz 28.5 GHz 20 0.45 1.25 -40+85 PIN I/P TO WR28 O/P 10W
WT30A1 30.75 GHz 31.5 GHz 20 0.45 1.25 -40+85 PIN I/P TO WR28 O/P 10W